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Islam in 176 Hours

This material was obtained by permission from Reading Islam and Dr. Jamal Badawi

B) Prophethood

Need for Prophethood: Revelation

Need for Prophets: Science Is Not Enough (16) Relationship between Series A and Series B (3) 
 Meaning of Revelation and Its Uses in the Qur’an (9)

Revelation: Nature of Prophets

Angel Gabriel and Revelation to Prophet Muhammad (5)  Summary of the Last Program (5)
Epilepsy and Revelation (5) How Did the Companions Justify the Revelation? (3)

What Is a Prophet? (5)

Is Revelation Limited to Prophets? (4)
Profiles of Prophets in the Qur’an (3)

Infallibility of Prophets

  Differences between Qur’anic and Biblical Profiles of Prophets (8)   Summary of the Last Program (10)
Infallibility Does Not Contradict Humanity (5) Infallibility of Prophets in the Qur’an (7)
Nature and Limits of Prophets’ Mistakes (6)

Nature of Prophethood

Difference between Prophethood and Mere Prophecy (2) Summary of the Last Program (2)
Nature of Miracles and Extent of Their Importance (5) Prophethood and Ingenuity (3)

Are All Prophets Mentioned in the Qur’an? (2)

Importance of Miracles to Prophets (4)
Muslims’ Acceptance of All Prophets (5)  Prophets Who Are Not Mentioned in the Qur’an (3)

Nature of Prophethood: Its Finality

 Mission of Prophets (8) Summary of the Last Program (3)
 Why Was There a Final Revelation? (4)  Distinction among Prophets (5)
Does Finality of Prophethood Close the Door of Divine Guidance? (2)  Why This Particular Point in History? (6)
Qur’anic Evidence of the Finality of Prophethood (1) Is It Necessary to Have New Prophets after Muhammad? (1)

Jesus in the Qur’an: Lineage and Birth

Extent of Jesus’s Mention in the Qur’an (3) Summary of the Last Program (1)
Lineage of Jesus according to the Qur’an (6) Background of Jesus before His Birth (2)
The Virgin Birth of Jesus (7) Did Mary Know about Her Miracle? (4)
Virgin Birth of Jesus and the Creation of Adam and Eve (6)

Nature of Jesus

Why This Unique Miracle of Virgin Birth? (4) Summary of the Last Program (3)
What Is Meant by Jesus as a Spirit of Allah? (5) What Is Meant by Jesus as a Word of Allah? (3)
Why Allah Uses “We” instead of “I” in Speaking about Creation? (2) The Qur’an on Deification of Jesus and the Trinity (4)
Jesus Denied His Divinity (4) How Is the Term “Son of God” Used in the Bible? (4)

Mission of Jesus

Scope of Jesus’s Mission to the Israelites (5) Summary of the Last Episode (5)
Allah’s Miracles through Jesus (2) The Essence of His Mission in the Qur’an and the Gospel (3)
Jesus Regarding Himself as Allah’s Prophet in the Gospel (2) Was Jesus Given a Scripture? (3)
The Raising of Jesus (4) End of the Mission of Jesus: The Question of Crucifixion (2)
The Second Coming of Christ (1)

Muslim Relationships with Non-Muslims

Muslim Relationships with the People of the Book (5) The Basic Nature of Muslim–Non-Muslim Relationships (6)
Exceptions to Cordial Relationships (5) More on Muslim Relationships with the People of the Book (6)
Speaking about Food and Marriage (2) Other Exceptions to Cordial Relationships (3)
Spread of Islam
Was Islam Spread by the Sword? (4) Summary of the Last Program (3)
Is Jihad the Same as Holy War? (4) How Can Muslims Invite Others to Islam? (2)
Historical Aspects Related to the Spread of Islam (3) Are There Forms of Jihad Other Than Fighting? (3)
Analytical Indications That Islam Was Not Spread by the Sword (6) Some Scholars on the Spread of Islam (4)
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