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Islam in 176 Hours

This material was obtained by permission from Reading Islam and Dr. Jamal Badawi

C) Muhammad (peace be upon him) in the Bible

Methodology of the Study

Can a Muslim Refer to the Bible in Exploring This Topic? (3) Connection between Series A, B, and C (2) 
 Qur’anic Prophecies about Prophet Muhammad (4)  Criteria for Accepting or Rejecting Previous Scriptures (3)
 Allah’s Blessing of the Children of Prophet Abraham (10)  No Rejection of Prophecies about the Advent of Prophet Jesus (5)

Lineage of the Awaited Prophet

Was Allah’s Blessing of Abraham’s Children Limited to Isaac? (6)  Summary of the Last Program (4)
How Did Ishmael Settle in Makkah? (5)  Rejection of Any Claim of Ishmael’s Illegitimacy or Inferiority (7)
 Obvious Confusions in the Bible (2)  Ishmael’s Age When Abraham Took Him Away from His Mother (5)

Similarity of the Awaited Prophet to Moses

 From the Israelites Brethren (7) Summary of the Last Program (3)
 Similarities between Muhammad and Moses and between Moses and Jesus (7)
Allah Will Put His Words in the Mouth of That Prophet (3)
 Signs of the Awaited Prophet (x)

Location of the Awaited Prophet

 Mention of Paran (Makkah) in the Old Testament (8)  Summary of the Last Program (2)
Historical Traditions Show That Ishmael Dwelled in Makkah (4)  Analysis of the Word “Paran” and Its Location (6)
The Mention of Bakkah (Makkah) in the Bible (3)  Other Evidence from the Bible That Paran Is Different from Sinai (4)
 Meaning of “10,000 Saints” (1)

Characteristics of the Awaited Prophet

Servant, Messenger, and Elect (“Mustafa”) of Allah (7)  Summary of the Last Program (4)
 Courage and Perseverance Till He Establishes Justice on Earth (7)  Gentleness and Compassion (3)
Revelation to Him Not to Be Given to Another (1)  Opens Blind Eyes and Brings People from Darkness into Light (3)
From the Land of Kedar (Ishmael’s Second Son) (4)  To Receive Revelation in a New Language (1)
About the Qur’an and the Ka`bah
 Awaited Prophet Was from Ishmael’s Descendants (8)  Summary of the Last Program (4)
Revelation and the Qur’an (7)  To Combine Prophethood with Government (6)
 The Prophecy of the Shift of Prophethood (2)  Descriptions That Clearly Apply to the Ka`bah (3)
New Testament Prophecies about the Awaited Prophet
 Mention of the Paraclete in the New Testament (4)  Qur’anic Reference to Jesus’s Prophecy (3)
The Paraclete Is a Human and Prophet of Allah (3) Error in Interpreting the Paraclete as Holy Spirit (5)
 The Paraclete Guides to All Truth (13)

New Testament Prophecies: Conclusion

 When the Jews Asked John the Baptist If He Was “That Prophet” (3)  Analysis of the Term “Paraclete” (2)
 Reference to the Awaited Prophet from Ishmael’s Descendants (4) How Can the Muslim Justify Other Scriptures? (2)
Reference from the Bible (4)  Comparison between Moses and Muhammad and between Moses and Jesus (2)
 How the Revelation Came to Muhammad: Evidence from the Bible (4) Muhammad as a Messenger and Ruler in the Bible (2)
Summary of the Series  (2) The Shift of Prophethood to Another Nation in the Bible (5)
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A) Monotheism    B) Prophethood     C) Muhammad in the Bible    D) Muslim's Beliefs

E) The Pillars of Islam     F) Social System of Islam     G) Economic System of Islam

H) Political System of Islam    I) Miracles in the Qur'an    J) Moral Teachings of Islam

K) Jesus        L) Muhammad



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