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Islam in 176 Hours

This material was obtained by permission from Reading Islam and Dr. Jamal Badawi

D) Muslim's Beliefs

Belief in the Angels of Allah

Basis of Muslims’ Belief in Angels (2)  Relationship between This Series and the Previous Series (3) 
Are Angels Superior to Humans? (5)  Nature of Angels: When Were They Created? (6)
 Functions of Angels (9)  Was Iblis (Satan) an Angel or a Jinn? (2)
Practical Importance of Believing in Angels (2)


 Different Creatures (6) Summary of the Last Program (3)
Relationship between Shaytans and Human Life (4)  Nature of Jinn (2)
In Order to Be Tested (7)  Qur’anic Warnings againstShaytans (5)
Why Jinn Were Created (1)

Divination, Astrology, and Magic

Islam’s View of Magic (15) Jinn and Iblis (3)
Astrology (3)  Divination (9)

Dreams, Bad Omens, Envy, and Charms

 Knowledge of the Unseen (7)  Summary of the Last Program (3)
Bad Omens (4) Types of Dreams (5)
 Comments on the Evil Eye (4) Charms (4)

The Soul

Nature of the Soul (11)  Summary of the Last Program (2)
 Muslim Attitudes toward Death (8) Location, Creation, and Life of the Soul (7)
Qur’an Describes the Person at the Time of Death (2)

Death — I

 What Does the Dying Person Experience? (5) Summary of the Last Program (4)
Recent Literature on Near-Death Experiences (6) Does the Dying Know His/Her Destiny? (14)

Death — II

 Possible Explanations of Near-Death Experience (2)  Summary of the Last Program (2)
 Mercy Killing (Euthanasia) (5)  Islam’s View of Suicide (4)
 What Happens to the Soul after Death? (5) Care of the Terminally Ill and the Dying (6)
 The Soul’s Awareness of What Goes On in the World (4)

After Death

Contacts between the Souls of the Living and the Dead (5)  Summary of the Last Program (3)
 Abode of Souls during the Interim Life (Barzakh) (5)  Contacts among the Souls of the Dead (2)
 Meaning of the Day of Judgment (5)  Islam’s View of the Reincarnation of Souls (6)
How Will the Resurrection Occur? (2)


Is Resurrection Possible? (6)  Summary of the Last Program (4)
Minor Signs of the Last Hour (6)  Is Resurrection Limited to the Righteous? (3)
Signs of the Resurrection Related to Economy (3)  Technology and the Approach of the Day of Judgment (6)
Other Signs and Evidence from the Sunnah (2)

Signs of the Last Hour

Minor Signs of the Hour (14)  Summary of the Last Program (3)
 The Day of Resurrection (3)  Major Signs of the Hour (9)

Accountability, Paradise, and Hellfire

 The Major Intercession (2) Summary of the Last Program (2)
 The Path, As-Sirat (4)  Accountability and Its Nature (13)
 Paradise and Hellfire (9)

Intercession: Conclusion

 Getting Out of Hellfire (4)  Summary of the Last Program (5)
 Can Anyone Know Another Person’s Destiny? (9)  Intercession: Islamic and Christian Concepts (5)
The Concept of Ultimate Justice (4)  What About Animals? (2)

Al-Qadar (Measure)

 Extremism in Philosophers’ and Theologians’ Answers (3)  Summary of the Last Program (2)
A Muslim’s Answer to the Issue of Freedom of Choice, Free Will (4)  Meaning of Al-Qadar (Measure) in the Qur’an (6)
Evil in the World (3)  Hidayah (Guidance) (7)
 Effect of Belief in Qadar on the Life of the Believer (3)

The Books of Allah

Obligation to Believe in Previous Scriptures (4) Belief in the Books and Prophets of Allah (2)
Revealed Books Other Than Those Mentioned in the Qur’an (2)  Previous Revealed Books Named in the Qur’an (4)
The Qur’an Has Remained Intact since Its Revelation (10)  Present Versions of Previous Revelations: Between Acceptance and Rejection (6)
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