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Islam in 176 Hours

This material was obtained by permission from Reading Islam and Dr. Jamal Badawi

H) Political System of Islam

Religion and Politics

 Separation between Church and State (3) Connection between This Series and the Last Series (3) 
ďRender Unto Caesar What Is CaesarísĒ (4) Irrelevance of Separation to Islam (6)
More Explicit Documentation from the Qurían (9)  Servitude to Allah Includes Government (3)

Nature of Islamic Political System

Is the Political System of Islam Theocratic? (4)  Summary of the Last Program (3)
 Similarities and Differences from Democracy (8)  Is the Political System of Islam Democratic? (4)
 Does the Islamic Model Exist Today? (3)  What Is the Political System of Islam? (2)
 Why Doesnít the Islamic Model Exist? (5)

Political Process: Choice of Rulers ó I

 Aims of the Islamic Political System (4)  Summary of the Last Program (2)
 Unanimity of the Islamic State (6)  Definition of an Islamic State (3)
 Women as Heads of State (4) Qualifications of the Ruler (11)

Choice of Rulers ó II

How Is the Ruler Chosen? (2) Summary of the Last Program (1)
Application in the Choice of Abu Bakr (2)  Examples during Prophet Muhammadís Time (3)
 After the Death of the Prophet Muhammad (3) Historical Aspects of the Choice of Abu Bakr (4)
The Ansarís Meeting (5) Why Did Abu Bakr and `Umar Rush to the Ansarís Meeting? (4)
 Nomination of `Umar (2)  How Was Abu Bakr Nominated? (4)

Choice of Rulers ó III

Nomination of `Uthman (7)  Summary of the Last Program (5)
Bay`ah (Pledge of Allegiance) (6) Nomination of `Ali (4)
A Minority View (4)  Application in Contemporary Society (3)

Imamate Concept of Successions ó I

Rationale of the Concept (3)  Summary of the Last Program (2)
Are People Capable of Choosing the Best? (2)  Responses (5)
Is the Imamate Concept Based on the Sunnah? (8) Is the Imamate Concept Based on the Qurían? (8)

Imamate Concept of Successions ó II

Conceptís Negative Reflection on the Prophetís Companions (1) Summary of the Last Program (1)
 Shiite-Sunni Differences in the Succession of Rulers (4) Forgetfulness or Minor Error Ruled Out (2)
Differences (2)  Conceptís Negative Reflection on the Prophet (2)
`Aliís Acceptance of the Leadership of His Predecessors (4)  Are Sayings Praising `Ali Rejected? (2)
 Praise of the Companions in the Sunnah (5) Praise of the Companions in the Qurían (5)

Imamate Concept of Successions ó III

Abu Bakr: The Closest Companion to the Prophet (6)  Summary of the Last Program (1)
 Evidence of the Document (2) Prophecy about Abu Bakrís Succession to the Prophet (5)
Prophecy about `Umarís Succession to Abu Bakr (5) Prophet Muhammad Praises `Umar (5)
Prophecy about `Uthmanís Caliphate and Martyrdom (4)

`Aliís Position on Caliphate

Prophet Muhammad Praises `Ali (6)  Summary of the Last Program (2)
A Futile Argument (7)  `Ali Praises His Predecessors in Caliphate (4)
`Aliís Relationship to His Predecessors (7)

Decision-Making Process in Islam

Necessity of Shura (2) Summary of the Last Seven Programs (1)
 Shura in Sunnah (3)  Quríanic Foundation of Shura (5)
Is Shura Mandatory or Advisable? (5)  Scope of Shura (3)
Differences between the Ruler and Shura Council (3)  Format of Shura (4)
 Removal of the Ruler from Office (2)

Guiding Principles of Islamic Government

 Justice (4) Summary of the Last Program (4)
Equality (3)  Scope of Application of Justice (3)
 Freedom of Conscience and Expression (6)  Freedom of Religion (2)
Other Aspects of Freedom (1)  Personal Freedom (5)

Rights of Non-Muslim Minorities

The Situation of Non-Muslims in Islamic States (4)  Summary of the Last Program (2)
Differences from Roman Law (3)  Dhimmi (Covenanted) People (1)
 Rights of Dhimmis (3) Better Protection Than Democracies (5)
Jizyah Tax and Zakah (7)  The Prophetís Example in Treating Dhimmis (4)
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H) Political System of Islam    I) Miracles in the Qur'an    J) Moral Teachings of Islam

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