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Dr. Jamal Badawi Presents

Islamic Teachings Series

The Legacy of Muhammad part 1 (peace be upon him)

The Legacy of Muhammad part 2 (peace be upon him)

The Legacy of Muhammad part 3 &4  (peace be upon him)

The Message Part 1.1 (Movie)
The Message Part 1.2 (Movie)
The Message Part 1.3 (Movie)
The Message Part 2.1 (Movie)
The Message Part 2.2 (Movie)
The Message Part 2.3 (Movie)

Islam in Brief - The Fog is Lifting Part 1

Qur'an The Liberator - By:  Cat Stevens (Yusuf Islam)

The Quran and My Life - By: Steven Johnson

The Quran and My Life - By: T. B. Irvin
The Quran and My Life - By: Abdel-Bari
 Q&A - Siraj Wahhaj
Why Islam is looked upon unfavorably by the west - Dr. Majdah? click to play video
Story of New Muslims

Answer to 20 Common Questions by Non-Muslims

By: Dr. Zakir Naik

The Items below are available on DVD, CD,MP3
Message of Islam & contemporary society - By: Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens)
Wonders of Islam - By: Abdullah Hakim
Islamic Beliefs - By: Juwayryah Perez
Pillars of Islam - By: Juwayryah Perez
Quran & Modern Science & Woman In Islam - by: Dr. Zakir Naik

Similarities between Islam & Christianity - by: Dr. Zakir Naik

Similarities between Islam & Hinduism - by: Dr. Zakir Naik
Interview with Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens)
Nancy Ali (a former Catholic Nun): Her acceptance of Islam
Abdullah Siraj (Sergi Bart) a former French Movie Producer: His acceptance of Islam
Why I am A Muslim?, Sister: Amina Ben Galone, Abdel-Hakim Jackson
Imam Siraj Wahaj - Q&A
Prophecies in the Bible about Prophet Muhammad PBUH - By: Br. Yusuf Bukos
Jesus as Prophet of Islam - By: Br. Yusuf Bukos
Muslim & Non-Muslim Relationship - By: Prof. Jamal Badawi

Series of Lectures, By: Sheikh Yusuf Estes (Former Christian Priest) - Consists of the following:

What is Islam?  - How I came to Islam?What is Islam?
God: Why Bother?Islam in Ez Terms
No Brainer !
(The Concept of God In Islam)
Invite to Right - What is Islam?
Cure for InnovationsCommon Sense of Islam
135 Learn True Islam Wings of The Butterfly
Does Islam = Terrorism?EXPLAINS JIHAD
Daddy Tell Me About GodHistory of Christianity
`The Purpose of Life

Islam in Focus - Series of Interviews with former group of Non-Muslims accepting Islam - By: Juwayryah Perez

Dr. Kai LuehrAmin (Craig) Harper
Petra MuellerInga Rennevik
Fayette ErnestaLisa 'Aesha Hussain
 Islam (in Arabic)
The Purpose of Life - By: Sheikh Khaled Yaseen

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